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Technical Advisory Group

The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) consists of LCA and EPD experts working in Australia and New Zealand who are responsible for the following:

  • acting as the PCR review panel for considering and approving PCR proposals according to the requirements on PCRs in the General Programme Instructions
  • suggesting measures for further development of technical and LCA-oriented issues within the framework of the Programme
  • supporting the Secretariat in technical issues
  • considering applications and appointing LCA/PCR experts to act as external verifiers and suggest measures for the surveillance of their competencies
  • performing sample checks that verifications done by individual verifiers are carried out according to the requirements in the General Programme instructions and the Australasian EPD Regional Annex
  • producing  technical guidance notes on regionally specific topics for information and/or clarification
  • undertaking technical reviews as required.

The TAG operates according to its Terms of Reference.

TAG Members

Andrew Moore, Chair
Principal Sustainability Scientist, Life Cycle Logic

Jonas Bengtsson, Vice-Chair
CEO and Co-founder, Edge Impact

Barbara Nebel 
CEO and Co-owner, thinkstep-anz

Tim Grant 
Director, Lifecycle Strategies Pty Ltd

Gayathri Gamage 
Senior Sustainability Specialist, thinkstep-anz

Rob Rouwette 
Director, start2see Pty Ltd

Kimberly Robertson
Senior Sustainability Specialist, thinkstep-anz

For questions to the TAG contact the Secretariat.

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