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Programme Rules

General Programme Instructions

The General Programme Instructions (GPIs) are published by the International EPD® System and provide the rules guiding the overall administration and operation of an EPD Programme in accordance with ISO 14025.

The Australasian EPD Programme follows the International GPIs, which include the Life Cycle Assessment methodology requirements, and guidance on verification, Product Category Rules and the communication of EPDs.

An Australasian Regional Annex to the GPIs sets out specific EPD requirements, content declarations and LCA methodology rules that apply to EPDs published by the Australasia EPD Programme. These regional requirements are exceptions to instructions specified in the GPIs.

Download the Current International GPIs Version 3.0

Download the Current Regional Annex Version 3.0

Download the Previous GPIs Version 2.5

Technical Guidance Notes

Guidance on the Use of Background LCI Data – updated 29 June 2018

Guidance on the Use of INA in EPDs – 23 Oct 2017

Regional Appendix to the PCR for Asphalt Mixtures – 22 Jan 2019

STEP 1/5 to Create an EPD: Find the Product Category Rules (PCR)

A Product Category Rules (PCR) provides the specific requirements for an EPD within a particular group and are critical to the transparency and comparability of EPDs.

If a relevant PCR does not exist, it must be created.


PCRs already exist for many product groups. Those developed by The Australasian EPD Programme and the International EPD® System are all freely available on the International EPD® System database.

All EPDs for construction and building products must use PCR 2012:01 Construction products and construction services (EN 15804) as the core PCR.

Search for all existing PCRs here.


If a PCR does not exist for your product category of interest, one must be developed. PCR documents are prepared in an open, transparent and participatory process among companies and branch organisations to ensure the provision and input of appropriate product-specific knowledge and expertise.

Read more about the process of developing a PCR here.

If the validity period for a PCR has expired, the document can be updated and reactivated for a period of time.

Read more about updating a PCR here.

For assistance in finding or developing a PCR please contact the Secretariat.

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