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General Programme Instructions & FAQs

General Programme Instructions

The General Programme Instructions (GPIs) are published by the International EPD System and provide the rules guiding the overall administration and operation of our EPD Programme in accordance with ISO 14025.

The International EPD System GPIs include the requirements for Product Category Rules, Life Cycle Assessment methodology, verification, and the communication of EPDs.

An EPD Australasia Regional Annex set out specific requirements such as LCA methodology and content that apply to EPDs registered and published by EPD Australasia. These requirements are exceptions to instructions specified in the International EPD System GPIs.

International EPD System GPIs – Version 4.0 – 29 Mar 2021

EPD Australasia Regional Annex – Version 4.0 – 10 Sep 2023

For previous versions of GPIs and Regional Annex please contact the Secretariat.

EPD Australasia Technical Guidance

Guidance on Developing EPDs for Asphalt Mixtures – Version 1.2 – 27 Apr 2022

Guidance on the Revised Construction Products PCR – Version 1.0 – 18 Dec 2020

This guidance above is largely superseded however the recommendation for construction product EPDs developed until the end of 2026 also includes impact indicators compatible with EN15804+A1 still stands. This is to ensure compatibility with LCA tools such as the IS Materials Calculator.

Background LCI Data – Version 2.0 – 29 Jun 2018

Superseded or withdrawn EPD Australasia Technical Guidance

Guidance on EPDs of Similar Products – Version 1.0 – 10 Mar 2023 – withdrawn 23 Mar 2023

Guidance on the Use of INA in EPDs – Version 1.0 – 23 Oct 2017

For previous versions of any Technical Guidance please contact the  Secretariat.

EPD Australasia FAQs

Can multiple sets of results for similar products be included in the same EPD?

Due to regional market demand, multiple results tables for similar products may continue to be included in the same PDF EPD document. The results tables may contain product-specific results or results based on averages in line with the construction product PCR2019:14 version 1.3.

PCR2019:14 version 1.3 continues to allow the inclusion of indicators required by EN15804+A1 (EN 15804:2012+A1:2013). This ensures compatibility with building and infrastructure sustainability ratings tools operating in our region.

From 1 August 2023 EPDs based on the Construction Product PCR2019:14 version 1.3.1 are required to be provided in both PDF form and the EPD results in digital format. Contact the Secretariat for more information.

FAQ 01 published: 27 Jun 2023, updated 1 Aug 2023

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