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Flood of new EPDs and EPD Owners in Construction Sector

The second quarter of 2023 saw the publication of 20 new EPDs by Australian and New Zealand businesses in the construction sector, including five businesses publishing the first EPD.

Welcoming New EPD Owners

We welcome Barro Group, Carter Holt Harvey futurebuild® LVL, Carter Holt Harvey Plywood, Carter Holt Harvey Timber, Cement Australia, Kingspan Insulation, and Reinforced Concrete Pipes Australia (RCPA) who have registered their first EPDs with EPD Australasia.

Barro Group, family-owned and operated since 1946, is a leading independent supplier and distributor of premixed concrete, quarry, and a range of associated products. It is a fully integrated resources, manufacturing and distribution organisation, running over 55 operating sites along the east coast of Australia. Download their EPD here.

Carter Holt Harvey (CHH) is one of New Zealand’s leading forest products companies, manufacturing and supplying timber, LVL, plywood and other building products to the New Zealand market.

CHH Plywood is one of the largest producers of plywood in New Zealand. Manufacturing from its central North Island site at Tokoroa, CHH Plywood produces brands Ecoply®, Shadowclad® and Handiply® for use in both structural and non-structural applications subject to the proposed use.

futurebuild LVL offers the largest range of LVL products within New Zealand, which are used in projects across Australasia. Manufacturing LVL in the Marsden Point plant, they produce hySPAN®, hyJOIST®, hyONE®, hy90®, hyCHORD®, truFORM®, hyPLANK®, edgeFORM®, and hyFRAME® building systems.

futurebuild® LVL is the first EPD published for laminated veneer lumber (LVL) products manufactured in Australia or New Zealand.

Download all CHH’s EPDs here.

Cement Australia is the largest integrated cement manufacturer and distributor in Australia and is owned by Holcim Group Ltd (Switzerland) and Heidelberg Cement AG (Germany) 50% and 50% respectively. Their scope of operations extends across the Eastern Seaboard with plants in Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania and taking into account markets in Southern and Western Australia. Operations range from mining raw materials to manufacturing, marketing and distributing a diverse range of high-performance cement and cement-related products.

We have recently published Cement Australia’s 5 EPDs for General Purpose Cements and Gladstone Fly Ash Blend. Download all their EPDs here.

Kingspan Insulation’s EPD for their Kooltherm range of high-performance rigid thermoset phenolic insulation manufactured in Australia was published in April 2023. Kooltherm K10 products, including K10 G2 Soffit Board, K10 G2W White Soffit Board, K10 Plus Soffit Board, as well as Kooltherm K17 Insulated Plasterboard, are included in this Environmental Product Declaration. Download their EPD here.

Reinforced Concrete Pipes Australia (RCPA) manufactures steel reinforced concrete pipe from diameters 225mm up to 2700mm across Australia. Pipes are produced using a combination of high-strength concrete with reinforcing steel with a high recycled content. Download RCPA’s first EPD here.

Existing Members Publish New EPDs

Adbri have registered 8 EPDs covering lime, cement, masonry and concrete products supplied around Australia.  Their Concrete Products EPDs cover concrete produced in New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, and Victoria including varieties in both normal and special class mixes.

Adri’s Lime Products EPD covers Quicklime, Premium Quicklime, Hydrated Lime and Premium Hydrated Lime products manufactured in Adbri facilities in South Australia and Western Australia. Adbri’s Industrial Quicklime and Hydrated Lime products comply with Australian Standard AS 1672.1.

Their Masonry Products EPD covers Architectural Bricks, Besser® blocks, Permeable Pavers and Versaloc® walling products and provides full transparency with a cradle-to-grave assessment.

Download all Adbri’s EPDs here.  Read more about Adbri’s EPD here.

Boral Concrete has over 200 pre-mix concrete plants around Australia producing a wide range of concrete mixes in metropolitan and country areas. Boral Concrete supplies pre-mix concrete to all segments of the construction industry including infrastructure, social, commercial and residential construction. Download all Boral’s EPDs here.

Hanson’s latest EcoDocsTM EPD is for a range of concrete mixes supplied to Tomkins Commercial’s Goodman Place project in Murarri, Brisbane. Their EPDs are available here.

Holcim’s latest ViroDecs™ Special EPD has been published for their ECOPact range of ready-mix concrete produced on the Gold Coast in Queensland. They have also recently updated their aggregates EPD. Download all Holcim’s EPDs here.

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