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EPD Australasia announces new pricing structure from 1 April 2023

EPD Australasia is introducing a new fee structure which will apply from 1st April 2023.

Fees for registration of EPDs will be abolished.

Annual fees, which have not changed since the organisation began in 2014, will increase.

Several new fee categories, based on an organisations’ number of full-time equivalent employees and/or annual turnover, and a one-off organisation joining fee have been introduced.

The new fee structure is designed to assist organisations in Australia and New Zealand with forthcoming changes to the General Programme Instructions and to enable them to meet market demands for greater numbers of EPDs for their products.

The new fees are outlined in Table 1 below.

Please contact Programme Manager Kelly Taylor with any questions. NZ phone: 09 889 2909, AU phone: 02 8005 8206 or email: info@epd-australasia.com



Organisation criteriaFee categoryAnnual fees (ex GST)
Employ <20 staff and turnover ≤$10mMicro825790
Employ 20-250 staff and turnover ≤$10mSME1,9251,830
Employ >250 staff or turnover >$10m and ≤$50mLGE Cat A4,4004,180
Turnover >$50m and ≤$100mLGE Cat B4,6004,370
Turnover >$100mLGE Cat C4,9504,700
Business unit of LGE Cat A with turnover ≤$10mBU LGE Cat A1,9251,830
Business unit of LGE Cat B or C with turnover >$10mBU LGE Cat BC2,3002,185
Industry or trade body or associationTrade Association4,4004,180


Organisation criteriaFee categoryJoining fees (ex GST)
All organisations joining the ProgrammeALL1,8001,710


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