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Fabrics, Cladding and Cement: The latest Australasian EPDs

EPD Australasia congratulates Successori REDA, Pacific Coilcoaters, and Golden Bay Cement on the recent publication of their EPDs.

Successori REDA has been producing exceptional Merino wool textiles since 1919 and is a long-term partner of the New Zealand Merino Company and ZQ Merino Programme. In April they published EPDs for their Merino Wool Athleisure Knit Fabric and Worsted Suiting Fabric.

Pacific Coilcoaters is a subsidiary of Fletcher Steel Ltd and producer of the ColorCote® range of pre-painted metal roofing and cladding products. In April they published an EPD for the AlumiGard™, MagnaFlow™ and ZinaCore™ pre-painted roofing and cladding products. The three tiers of the ColorCote® range of products to suit any environment.

Golden Bay Cement is New Zealand’s largest and only fully integrated cement manufacturer. In May they published a cradle to gate EPD covering two cement products manufactured at their Portland Plant located on the southern shore of the Whangarei Harbour in Northland.

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