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New appointments to Australasian EPD Programme

There have been a number of exciting new appointments in recent months at The Australasian EPD Programme.

Stephen Mitchell was elected Chair of the Australasian EPD Programme’s Board of Directors in March – taking over from Malcolm Garnham who served 2 years in the position. Stephen has been a Director since March 2016 and a member of ALCAS since 2010.

Stephen founded his own Sydney-based environmental consultancy in 2015 after 9 years with the timber industry where he co-authored five EPDs of Australian timber products. He was also involved in the building materials Life Cycle Inventory run by the Building Products Innovation Council (BPIC).

In April, Kelly Taylor was contracted to provide Secretariat services to the Programme. She has been working with the programme since August 2016. She now takes on the multiple tasks of managing relationships with current and future EPD registrants, financial and administrative support to the Board and TAG, coordinating communications as well as managing our special relationship with the International EPD System.

Kelly is an independent environmental consultant with 13 years’ experience in sustainable business, auditing and assessment. She is currently based in the Pacific Islands so the Programme has a truly cross-Australasian presence.

In June, Andrew Moore, Principal Sustainability Scientist of Perth-based Life Cycle Logic was elected the inaugural Chair of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG). Jonas Bengtsson CEO of Edge Environment was elected Vice Chair.

Both Andrew and Jonas are long term members of ALCAS.

Two new members also joined the TAG in June – Rob Rouwette (from ALCAS) and Kimberley Robertson (from LCANZ).

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