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Ready Mix Concrete Products

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  • N4020P
  • N5020P

Ready Mix Concrete Products

Hallett Group is the largest integrated building supplier, construction, and mining materials company in South Australia. Hallett’s size and diversity give an advantage in having a broad range of expertise to provide a balanced outcome for any project – including infrastructure, social, commercial and residential construction. Hallett is well invested with the flexibility and agility to respond quickly and efficiently to any challenge or opportunity. Hallett Group is committed to a “Pathway to Decarbonisation” in line with net zero carbon emissions targets by 2050.

Hallett manufactures Ready Mix concrete products at five batching plants around South Australia – Dry Creek, Elizabeth, Mile End, McLaren Vale, and Osborne.

This is a “cradle-to-gate with modules C1–C4 and module D” type EPD. This EPD covers 120 Ready Mix concrete products. Hallett supplies 20 and 25 MPa concrete for use primarily in residential slabs, footings, driveways and paths, and 32 and 40 MPa or higher strength concrete which is primarily used for industrial jobs where a greater resistance to loading and heavier traffic is required.

Hallett strives to provide customers a range of different concrete mixes that can meet their technical and environmental needs. Hallett’s Enviro Construct range offers low carbon mix designs to cater for many varied concrete applications.

Detailed Information

Company:Hallett Group Pty Ltd
Products:Ready Mix Concrete Products
Registration No:S-P-09353
Registration date:2023-07-31
Version date:2023-07-31
Valid until:2028-07-31
Verified by:Rob Rouwette
Reference PCR(s):PCR 2019:14 Construction Products, version 1.11,
2021-02-05 (valid until 2024-12-20)
Geographical scope:Australia
EN 15804:This EPD is compliant with EN15804:2012 +A2:2019

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