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Kissen Table & Workstation Range

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Kissen Table & Workstation Range

Designed for the physical and functional requirements of today’s diverse work modes; KISSEN fosters connection whether in a social or collaborative setting. The family of tables and workstations feature a strong timber aesthetic with a distinct leg profile. The under-structure design makes economic use of the components and accessory options to provide ease of team expression and identity.

KISSEN Tables provide work surfaces in a broad range of sizes for both seated and standing heights with the option of mobility castors.

KISSEN Workstation is engineered to optimise team based working with numerous configuration options and customisation to enrich the work environment.

Detailed Information

Company:Zenith Interiors
Products:Kissen Table & Workstation Range
Registration No:S-P-04644
Registration date:2021-10-14
Version date:2021-10-14
Valid until:2026-10-14
Verified by:Jonas Bengtsson (Edge Environment)
Reference PCR(s):Furniture, except seats and mattressesv2.01
Geographical scope:Final product produced in Melbourne, Victoria for the Australian market.


Company Information

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