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EchoPanel® and Mura

The EPD has reached the end of its validity, please check back here for future updates.

Woven Image was established in 1987 after identifying a strong need for design driven textile products. With over thirty years experience, our Australian based company fast became a leading international business to business supplier of high-performance, quality textiles and acoustic interior solutions for a wide range of commercial interiors. Woven Image has a dedicated workforce that continues to drive the mission statement of delivering high quality products and solutions made from sustainable and innovative materials with exquisite design elements that will transform work and living spaces into comfortable, enjoyable and welcoming surroundings.

Environmentally preferable products and sustainability are at the core of the company’s values and, because of Woven Image’s commitment, they became pioneers in the design of high-performance textiles, wallcoverings and acoustic solutions using recycled and environmentally preferable materials. EchoPanel® and Mura™ are landmark brands from Woven Image which have been designed to deliver against environmental, aesthetic and acoustic criteria to improve the overall look, feel and comfort of a commercial interior space.

This EPD covers the broad range of colours and print designs of the EchoPanel® and Mura™ range.

Detailed information

Company:Woven Image Pty Ltd
Products:EchoPanel® and Mura
Registration No:S-P-01162
Registration date:2018-09-24
Version date:2021-04-07
Valid until:2023-09-24
Verified by:Jane Andersson
Reference PCR(s):PCR 2012:01 Construction products and construction services (EN 15804:A1)
Geographical scope:Australia

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