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Colloidal Silica 1430Na


Colloidal Silica 1430Na

Geo40 delivers unique, scalable, and innovative technologies for mineral recovery from subterranean fluids globally. We then deploy that technology at scale.

Our low-carbon mineral recovery technologies provide solutions to traditional extraction methods, for deployment at scale in the global transition towards cleaner energy and greener critical minerals. A sustainable future relies upon sustainable sources of future minerals; recovering silica from geothermal fluid opens new opportunities within the geothermal ecosystem.
We seek to build long-term partnerships where value and values are genuinely shared. Currently, we work with trusted partners where these minerals and our processes can maximise environmental benefits.

For more than a decade the Geo40 team has developed an exclusive process of mineral recovery. In 2021, our first commercial-scale silica recovery plant was commissioned in New Zealand producing over 5,000 metric tons of geothermal colloidal silica annually. We are supplying multiple traditional and emerging industrial markets with customised acidic and basic colloidal silica sols. We can tailor our product with various mean particle size distributions between 6nm and 14nm and silica contents between 10% to 40% as anionic liquid suspensions of nano-silica in water.

Geo40 1430Na is an aqueous dispersion of amorphous silicon dioxide nanoparticles. The alkaline dispersion contains small-sized colloidal silica particles at 30% SiO2 concentration in water. The particles have a negatively charged surface (anionic) which is stabilized by sodium hydroxide.

Geo40 is currently advancing with the recovery of other minerals, including critical minerals.

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Company:Geo40 Limited
Registration No:S-P-09358
Registration date:2023-10-13
Version date:2023-12-01
Valid until:2028-10-06
Verified by:Claudia A. Peña
Reference PCR(s):PCR 2021:03 Basic chemicals (version 1.1)
Geographical scope:International
EN 15804:This EPD is compliant with EN 15804:A2

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