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AUSREO – Reinforcing Bar and Prefabricated Steel Reinforcement Cages

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AUSREO – Reinforcing Bar and Prefabricated Steel Reinforcement Cages

In 2000, our founding members saw an opportunity to do things differently in Australia’s steel reinforcement industry. They knew they could make a difference by providing customers with exceptional service, innovative products, and a ‘can-do’ attitude. With our founders, and second-generation family members, still involved in the business, our entrepreneurial spirit is as strong as ever.

Reinforcing Steel Bar

Steel reinforcement bars are used in reinforced concrete buildings and structures, including bridges, tunnels, and roads. The steel bars provide tensile strength for reinforced concrete beams, columns, and slabs. Reinforcing bar is often processed (cut, bent, straightened, or threaded) and/or fabricated to suit the specific requirements of your reinforcing element. We process and supply a comprehensive range of standard N grade, 500 MPa deformed reinforcing bar (D500N), as well as N grade 250 MPa plain round bar (D250N).

Prefabricated Steel Reinforcement Cages

Prefabricated steel reinforcement cages are typically used for pile cages, diaphragm walls, columns, beams, precast elements, tunnels, bridges and
barriers. We detail the prefabricated cages using proprietary 5D modelling technology and produce the cages using automated manufacturing equipment.

AUSREO’s processed bar and prefabricated cages are 3rd party quality certified, which means you can be confident our steel bar and cages comply with Australian Standards.

Detailed Information

Products:Reinforcing Bar and Prefabricated Steel Reinforcement Cages
Registration No:S-P-08459
Registration date:2023-06-26
Valid until:2028-06-25
Verified by:Rob Rouwette, start2see Pty Ltd
Reference PCR(s):PCR 2019.14 Construction Products Version 1.11, 2021-02-05
Geographical scope:Australia
EN 15804:This EPD is compliant with EN 15804


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