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Higgins provides a comprehensive range of civil construction services to communities in New Zealand and in the Pacific. In operation since 1958, and with 1600 staff, Higgins is committed to developing and improving infrastructure for generations to come. The company is a part of Fletcher Construction, which is the construction division of Fletcher Building.

Higgins manufactures a range of asphalt products. This Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) covers the environmental impacts of 99.5% of Higgins asphalt products produced at its permanent plants in New Zealand. It covers the complete spectrum of asphalt mixes, from hard-wearing rut-resistant mixes like SMA (stone mastic asphalt) to open-graded mixes designed for lower noise and better water dispersion.

Higgins recognises the importance of providing transparent and independently verified environmental impact information about its products. This EPD allows the represented products to contribute points to sustainable building and infrastructure rating tools, such as New Zealand Green Building Council’s Green Star and the Infrastructure Sustainability Council’s IS Rating. Importantly, it also gives Higgins a baseline from which it can continuously improve the environmental performance of its products to reduce the impact on carbon emissions, waste production and water use.

This EPD covers product manufacture (modules A1-A3) and end-of life options (modules C1 to D).

The EPD uses a declared unit of one tonne of asphalt.

Detailed Information

Company:Higgins Contractors Ltd
Registration No:S-P-09352
Registration date:2023-07-31
Version date:2023-07-31
Valid until:2028-07-30
Verified by:Hudai Kara
Reference PCR(s):PCR 2019.14 Construction Products Version 1.11, 2021-02-05
Geographical scope:New Zealand
EN 15804:This EPD is compliant with EN 15804

Company Information

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