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Methodological approaches for EPDs for wood and wood-based products

Guidance for EPDs for wood and wood-based products based on EN 16485 – Communicating methodological approaches.

EPD Norway has released a notice describing the two most common methodological approaches and their respective impacts on results. The guidance highlights the importance of following the current International EPD requirements and communicating life cycle modelling methodology choices in EPDs for wood and wood-based products. This is to ensure users have the available information when comparing results between wood EPDs, to ensure they compare like with like.

A stack of sawn timber with sunlight reflecting off it

Andrew D. Moore, Technical Advisor with EPD Australasia says, “There is nothing new in the guidance. It simply highlights the difference in results when modelling forestry products and co-products in transport and at the sawmill. The current standard requires that either approach can be followed – it just needs to be communicated which approach was taken. The guidance applies to all EPDs complying with EN 16485 Product category rules for wood and wood-based products, which includes EPDs registered with EPD Australasia and within the International EPD System.”

EPDs for wood and wood-based products such as sawn timber, engineered wood products, and pulp and paper must comply with complementary PCRs based on EN 16485 Product category rules for wood and wood-based products (as well as a main PCR based on EN 15804). A revision process for EN 16485 and complementary PCRs is underway, however, it will take some time.

The guidance, including recommendations for EPD owners, is available here.

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