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EPDs published September – October 2023

It has been a busy September and October with our Programme publishing EPDs for new members, Geo40, Xypex Australia, and OmniGrip Direct. We also published multiple EPDs for existing members Downer and Hanson. These businesses have declared their product’s environmental impact, including its embodied carbon footprint, within their independently verified EPDs.

Published EPDs

We have published two EPDs for Downer for Asphalt products manufactured in New Zealand and Australia. Across Aotearoa New Zealand, Downer’s Asphalt Production teams are committed to increasing environmental sustainability through innovation. This includes supplying materials with high proportions of recycled materials, making the best use of locally available resources, reducing transport impacts, and preserving virgin materials.

With a presence across every Australian state and territory, Downer’s Transport & Infrastructure business has invested more than $100 million in high recycling technology (HRT) asphalt manufacturing infrastructure over recent years. Download both EPDs.

Geo40 Limited’s EPD covers their Colloidal Silica 1430Na. The Geo40 team has developed an exclusive process of mineral recovery from geothermal fluids in Ohaaki, New Zealand. They are producing approximately 3,000 metric tons of geothermal colloidal silica annually. Download their EPD.

Hanson’s EPDs are for multiple concrete mixes provided to a 12-storey commercial project in the heart of Brisbane’s Chinatown Mall and Anglo-Italian Concrete mixes for the State Basketball Centre in Wantirna, Melbourne. Both projects are targeting a 5-star Green Star rating. Download all of Hanson’s EPDs.

New member OmniGrip Direct’s EPD is for OmniGrip Hybrid HF – the world’s first hybrid high friction surface treatments (HFST), comprising 60% post-consumer recycled-glass. HFSTs reduce the distance required when vehicles brake and reduce the likelihood of loss-of-control crashes on road bends, descents, inclines and ramps. The EPD is also the first facilitated by EPD consultants Australian Road Research Board (ARRB).
Download the OmniGrip Hybrid EPD.

We have published three EPDs for new member Xypex Australia for a range of their concrete admixtures and coatings. These products extend the service life of concrete and reduce the need and associated carbon footprint of raw material required for repairs and maintenance. The Xypex EPDs are the first facilitated by EPD consultants Pangolin Associates.
Download Xypex Australia’s EPDs.

All these EPDs have been independently verified as meeting the Construction Product PCR based on best practice EN15804+A2 issued by the International EPD System.

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