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25th Anniversary of EPD: remembering the first EPD for hydro electricity production

It’s been a quarter of a century since the world’s first EPD was published.

The first EPD was published in 1998 by the International EPD System for European energy infrastructure company Vattenfall. The EPD provided environmental data on the production of hydroelectricity from the Lule River in Sweden.

Hydropower is a renewable energy source and accounts for almost half of the electricity generated in Sweden. Once the power plants had been built and were in operation, their emissions into soil, water and air were in the same range as for wind power.

Vattenfall currently have EPDs for Electricity from Vattenfall’s Nordic Hydropower, Electricity from Vattenfall’s Nuclear Power Plants, and Electricity from Vattenfall’s wind farms located across Europe.

“Vattenfall has a clear strategy of enabling fossil-free living in one generation and support our customers to reach their climate goals. Energy plays a central role looking at the life-cycle assessment (LCA) of products. By supporting Orthex [a leading Nordic producer of household products] to reach their high environmental ambitions shows that our product is important in the energy transition and our work is valued by the industry,” says Magnus Westberg, Head of Production Clients at Vattenfall Business Sales Nordics.

Visit their website for more information: https://group.vattenfall.com/

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