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EPD International expands its work on climate-related and circular procurement.

EPD International has recently accelerated its work on climate-related and circular procurement.

One part of the work focuses on the unique possibility for EPDs to provide quantitative and comparable bids facilitating the daily work of procurement authorities. EPDs are also a prerequisite for organisations wanting to set reliable goals for their work to mitigate climate impact. As a first step, EPD International has the ambition to prepare PCRs for all commodities commonly procured in the public sector and provide practical guidelines for making use of PCR and EPD in daily procurement activities.

Another part of the work focuses on specific future challenges in connection to circular procurement. It has recently been observed that circular procurement in many cases is carried out in a quite different way compared to sustainable development by focusing less on legal requirements in the call for tenders. Instead, the needs and market analysis as well as following-up activities are more important for the requirements to be set in circular procurement.

EPD International has the ambition to develop EPDs close to a “one-stop shopping” system for circular procurement, with special merits to serve as a verification tool. The environmental performance data in the EPD should therefore be tailored for use in different applications and scenarios.

For more information contact sven-olof.ryding@ivl.se

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