EPD Australasia

EPD Australasia

EPD Australasia register and publish Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and Climate Declarations for businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

EPDs are based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and communicate independently verified data about the environmental performance of products and services. Read more about the value of EPDs.

All EPDs we publish are verified to LCA standards ISO 14040 and 140044, ISO 14025, the Programme’s General Programme Instructions (GPIs), and a relevant Product Category Rule (PCR). The PCR for building and construction products is the best practice standard EN 15804 Sustainability of construction works – Environmental product declarations – Core rules for the product category of construction products.

EPD Australasia is a regional partner of the International EPD System with over 6,000 EPDs now published for businesses in nearly 50 countries.

All EPDs include a product’s embodied carbon footprint. EPDs for building and construction products are also a fast track for achieving Australian Government Climate Active certification.

Latest EPDs

Ground Granulated Blast-furnace Slag

Independent Cement


Hymix – Powerhouse Museum Paramatta, SYD



Southern Cross – GP Cement

Southern Cross Cement


Ready-Mix Concrete

Higgins Concrete


Square Hollow Pultruded GFRP Section WGN-S1000



Boral NSW/ACT Pre-mix Concrete EPD



The Value of an EPD

Having an EPD currently shows that your company is an early mover in the market and demonstrates that your company has a genuine commitment to environmental responsibility and transparency. EPDs are used to quantify and communicate the environmental credentials of an organisation’s product or services to business customers and consumers.

EPDs are popular for construction-based products and the use of products with EPDs is recognised and rewarded in rating schemes such as Green Star (buildings) in Australia and New Zealand and IS (infrastructure) in Australia.

EPDs can also be developed for almost any product and in Australasia we have EPDs for tissue-based products, fabrics and even a train! Internationally EPDs have been published for waste management services, packaging, food and beverages, solar and wind farms and much more.

EPDs, and the underpinning Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), are an invaluable tool for companies wishing to identify and address hotspots in the environmental footprint of their products. If your company is ISO 14001 certified the LCA and EPD will greatly assist compliance with the 2017 update to the standard.

With the release of ISO 20400 the International Standard for Sustainable Procurement Australasian EPDs are increasingly helping business supplying Australian and New Zealand markets with meeting public and private sustainable procurement and tender requirements.

Procurement professionals and building design teams are increasingly conversant in what EPDs are and how they can be used in decision making. They are more frequently being used as a means of quick and easy route to choose between different products and services, to achieve corporate and project objectives and better sustainability outcomes.

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