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Tork® Hand Towels and Handee Paper Towels

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Included Products In The EPD

  • Handee Standard Roll-2
  • Handee Standard Roll-4
  • Handee Standard Roll-6
  • Handee Prints-2
  • Handee Max Paper Towels-2
  • Handee Double Roll-2
  • Tork Ultra Long Paper Towel-2
  • Tork Ultra Long Paper Towel (Short)-2
  • Tork Basic Paper 1ply Centerfeed Roll M2-1
  • Tork Basic Paper 1ply Centerfeed Roll Blue-1
  • Tork Roll Towel Universal-1
  • Tork Xpress® Multifold Hand Towel / Slimline H2 Advanced-21
  • Tork Xpress® Multifold Hand Towel / Slimline H2 Universal-21
  • Tork Ultraslim Multifold Hand Towel / H4 Advanced-20
  • Tork H2 Xpress Low Lint Multifold Hand Towel-21

Tork® Hand Towels and Handee Paper Towels

Tork® is the leading global brand in professional hygiene. From paper towels in hospital washrooms and universities to napkin dispensers in restaurant dining rooms and cafes, Tork delivers a great experience for the user and a convenient experience for the buyer.

This EPD applies to Tork hand towels manufactured by Essity in Kawerau, New Zealand from 100% FSC certified wood pulp, with a maximum of 30% FSC Controlled Wood sources.

The full life cycle of hand towels is included, from forestry to pulp manufacture, papermaking, converting, packaging, distribution, disposal of used packaging and landfill of used towels. The declared unit is 1 tonne of air-dry tissue paper plus packaging.

As Essity aims to maximise its use of renewable energy – from biomass in pulp manufacture to geothermal steam in papermaking – this EPD declares the share of primary energy from renewable resources as an additional environmental indicator.

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Detailed Information

Products:Tork® Hand Towels and Handee Paper Towels
Registration No:S-P-00851
Registration date:2016-06-29
Version date:2023-08-09
Valid until:2028-06-21
Verified by:Andrew D. Moore
Reference PCR(s):Tissue products
Geographical scope:Australia New Zealand


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