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Sydney Growth Trains


Sydney Growth Trains

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Sydney Growth Train (also known as Waratah Series 2 train) delivered by Downer, is classified as a suburban Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) consisting of eight double-deck car bodies. The trainset comprises two trailer driver cars, four motor cars and two non-driving trailer cars.

The Downer Sydney Growth Train (SGT) fleet is based on the proven Waratah platform with reliability in design and through life support at the forefront of our rail transportation solutions. The SGT will provide a comfortable commuter environment offering air-conditioning with advanced temperature control, high definition customer information screens and various accessibility and security features including priority seating, wheelchair spaces, hearing aid loops, internal and external CCTV and customer help points.

The SGT Environmental Product Declaration provides a transparent insight into the environmental performance and lifecycle of the trainset.

Detailed Information

Company:Downer EDI Rail Pty Ltd
Products:Sydney Growth Trains
Registration No:S-P-01161
Registration date:2018-09-07
Version date:2018-10-11
Valid until:2021-09-07
Verified by:Rob Rouwette
Reference PCR(s):Rolling stock (valid until 2018-12-31; being updated)
Geographical scope:Australia


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