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BlueScope – Steel – Hot Rolled Coil

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BlueScope – Steel – Hot Rolled Coil

Hot Rolled Coil steel is manufactured by BlueScope at Port Kembla, NSW, Australia, to standard AS/NZS 1594 Hot-rolled steel flat products. Hot Rolled Roil is categorised into structural, formable and analysis products, typically used in pre-painted and metallic-coated applications, and structural sections. Other applications include tanks, gas cylinders and guardrails, to name a few.

Conforming with EN 15804:2012+A2:2019 and PCR 2019:14 v1.0 Construction Products, the EPD covers cradle-to-gate (modules A1-A3) with end of life (modules C1-C4) and reuse, recovery and/or recycling potential (module D). Additional impact category results are presented to support Australian Green Star assessments and comparability across EPDs conforming to EN 15804:2012+A1:2013.

The declared unit is one kilogram (1 kg) of hot rolled coil product.

Detailed Information

Products:Steel – Hot Rolled Coil
Registration No:S-P-00557
Registration date:2015-06-19
Version date:2020-11-27
Valid until:2025-11-27
Verified by:Rob Rouwette
Reference PCR(s):PCR 2019:14 Construction Products
Geographical scope:Global
EN 15804:This EPD is compliant with EN 15804


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