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Rumba Workstation

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Rumba Workstation

Rumba workstation showcases exceptional stability, rigidity and strength without compromising on visual resolution. Supporting individual and collaborative work modes, Rumba can be customised to meet every need, with a range of sizes, shapes and finishes that allow for personalisation and flexibility. With a high focus on enhancing the end user’s feeling of wellbeing.

Detailed Information

Company:Zenith Interiors
Products:Rumba Workstation (R2CJ)
Registration No:S-P-04646
Registration date:2021-10-14
Version date:2021-10-14
Valid until:2026-10-14
Verified by:Jonas Bengtsson (Edge Environment)
Reference PCR(s):Furniture, except seats and mattressesv2.01
Geographical scope:Final product produced in Melbourne, Victoria for the Australian market.


Company Information

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