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PaveX™ Systems

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Included Products In The EPD

  • PaveX™ Expanda™
  • PaveX™ Expanda™ HD
  • PaveX™ Geared™
  • PaveX™ Crack-A-Joint™

PaveX™ Systems

With over 25 years of heritage, Danley™ stands as an esteemed Australian brand renowned for crafting high-quality engineered load transfer, joint edge protection, and crack control systems.

Introducing PaveX™, a groundbreaking solution developed in collaboration with councils and concrete contractors. It sets a new standard as the most comprehensive jointing eco-system for footpaths, bikeways, driveways, and urban streetscapes. This intelligent, fully integrated pavement system not only reduces maintenance and repair costs but also addresses trip hazards and public liability exposure effectively. PaveX™ is fully compliant with AS 3727.1:2016 Residential Pavements standards and represents an environmentally sustainable pavement solution. Experience the next evolution in residential pavements with PaveX™, available in Australia and New Zealand.

Detailed Information

Company:RCS Danley
Products:PaveX™ Systems
Registration No:S-P-10954
Registration date:2024-02-10
Version date:2024-02-10
Valid until:2029-02-10
Verified by:Angela Schindler
Reference PCR(s):PCR 2019.14 Construction Products Version 1.3.2
Geographical scope:Australia
EN 15804:This EPD is compliant with EN 15804

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