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KOROK® Galv Panel

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KOROK® Galv Panel

KOROK® Building Systems NZ Ltd is a manufacturer of fire and acoustic rated wall systems. The revolutionary composition and clip-together simplicity of the systems has established KOROK® as a leader in the New Zealand commercial construction sector.

KOROK® NZ Ltd manufactures fire and acoustic rated wall panels at their factory in Hamilton. KOROK® provides engineering advice and product services to the most respected architects, engineers, developers and construction professionals in New Zealand.

KOROK® is 100% New Zealand owned and operated, supporting the New Zealand Building Industry. KOROK® has been appraised by the Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ).

KOROK® galv panels are rollformed from zinc coated steel shells. These shells have an aerated concrete core and weigh nominally 10.2kg per lineal metre.

KOROK® panels are core to a multitude of build-ups designed to meet fire and acoustic needs for all building types and for both steel and timber framing.

  • Intertenancy walls – terraced housing
  • Warehouses / factories / retail /
  • Apartments / retirement / hotels
  • Cinemas / studios
  • Stairwells / lifts shafts / risers / ducts

Detailed Information

Company:KOROK® Building Systems NZ Ltd
Products:Galvanized Panel profiles: 51mm panel, 78mm Gen1
panel, 78mm Gen2 panel.
Registration No:EPD-IES-0014126:001
Registration date:2024-07-01
Version date:2024-07-01
Valid until:2029-06-30
Version Number:1
Verified by:Dr Hudai Kara
Reference PCR(s):PCR 2019:14 Construction Products version 1.3.2
Geographical scope:New Zealand
EN 15804:This EPD is compliant with EN 15804

Company Information

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