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Innowood Products

Please note this EPD has reached the end of its validity. An update is currently underway.

INNOWOOD sustainable composite timber is an unique environmental friendly formulated wood based product that was manufactured predominantly from recycled wood waste and polymeric resins through an energy conserving production process with low emission to air, soil and water.

INNOWOOD supply sustainable composite wood standard profiles and offers a variety of product systems and applications that can be incorporated into custom design project’s requirement.

INNOWOOD design, manufacture and supply systems and services for the built environment in the market segments of:
• Wall Cladding / Linings Systems Internal and External.
• Soffit / Ceiling Systems.
• Screening / Fencing systems.
• Louvre / Sun Shading Systems.
• Decking and Flooring Systems.
• Commercial Railing / Industrial special services as required.

INNOWOOD composite wood profiles can be designed and extruded to meet the application-specific performance needs and achieve all round performance in durability, insulation, elemental resistance and has the appearance of natural timber:
• Lightweight & Durable
• Innovative fixing and fastening systems that easy to manipulate and save on installation costs.
• Does not suffer from undesirable cracking, splitting, or rotting characteristics of normal timber.
• Variety of Colours & Finishes
• Enhances Aesthetic appeal
• Fire & Water resistant.
• Fungous & Mould Resistant
• Environmentally friendly and less maintenance required.
• Can be recycled through use of Innowood proprietary recycling program to continue to remanufactured and reused.

Being at the forefront of global composite timber technology, INNOWOOD is the chosen composite timber supplier of leading national and international architects, designers and builders.

Detailed Information

Company:Innowood Australia Pty Ltd
Products:Innowood Products
Registration No:S-P-00853
Registration date:2017-07-31
Valid until:2022-05-30
Verified by:Benjamin Canaguier
Reference PCR(s):PCR 2012:01 Construction products and construction services (EN 15804)
Geographical scope:Australia New Zealand West Coast USA Mediterranean Europe Hong Kong
EN 15804:This EPD is compliant with EN 15804


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