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Innowood Products

INNOWOOD sustainable composite timber is a unique environmentally friendly formulated wood-based product that was manufactured predominantly from recycled wood waste and polymeric resins through an energy-conserving production process with low emission to air, soil and water.

INNOWOOD supply sustainable composite wood standard profiles and offers a variety of production systems and applications that can be incorporated into custom design project requirements.

INNOWOOD designs and manufactures for the construction industry in the market segments of:
•           Wall cladding systems
•           Ceiling and soffit systems
•           Screening and fencing systems
•           Louvre products
•           Decking products

INNOWOOD sustainable timber alternative can be designed to meet the application-specific performance needs. Innowood achieves proven performance in durability and weatherproofing and has the appearance of natural timber.
•           Lightweight and durable
•           Innovative fixing and fastening systems that are easy to implement, which reduces installation costs
•           Resistant to cracking, splitting, or rotting, unlike timber
•           Variety of colours and finishes
•           Enhances the aesthetic appeal
•           Fire retardant
•           Termite, fungus and mould resistant
•           Environmentally friendly
•           Can be recycled

Being at the forefront of global sustainable timber alternatives technology, INNOWOOD is a proud supplier to leading national and international developers, architects, engineers and builders.

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Company:Innowood Australia Pty Ltd
Products:Innowood Products
Registration No:S-P-00853
Registration date:2017-07-31
Version Date:2023-03-27
Valid until:2028-03-27
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Geographical scope:Australia New Zealand West Coast USA Mediterranean Europe Hong Kong
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