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HR Cement – Xtra-Cem

HR Cement was born of a desire to provide a better cement to the NZ market.  A wholly New Zealand owned and operated business, key markets in the upper North Island have been supplied from the modern manufacturing plant in Mount Maunganui since 2012.

HR Cement are committed to avoiding, reducing and mitigating any potentially adverse effects from its operational and distribution network. With a long-term focus on  continual improvement in environmental performance, this EPD is a key component in providing transparent environmental credentials to all stakeholders.

This EPD is for Xtra-cem, a General Purpose cement. Xtra-Cem can be used in commercial and domestic concrete, precast, and masonry products. Xtra-Cem is manufactured to provide consistent strength, durability, and workability. This EPD declares results for 1 tonne of cement. It is a ‘cradle to gate with options’ (Modules A1-A3 and A4) type where impact from raw material, transport, manufacture and distribution are presented following the European Standard for construction products, EN 15804.

Detailed information

Company:HR Cement
Registration No:S-P-04653
Registration date:2021-11-30
Valid until:2026-11-29
Version Date:2024-05-01
Verified by:Kimberly Robertson, Catalyst Limited
Reference PCR(s):PCR 2012-01 Construction products and construction services (v2.33)

2012:01-SUB-PCR-G: Concrete and concrete elements (8.11.21)

Geographical scope:New Zealand
EN 15804:This EPD is compliant with EN 15804

Company Information

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