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Recycled Aggregate

ECORR was established in 2011, with a clear mission to provide superior recycled alternatives for use in civil construction. ECORR recycles construction & demolition waste to create performance-engineered circular construction materials, using crushing, separating, and sorting plants to selectively recycle a wide range of repurposed products, to suit various applications and specifications.

ECORR is located at Wetherill Park, Western Sydney, NSW, Australia, providing a comprehensive range of products for infrastructure, civil, commercial, and residential applications. The company’s conveniently located facility is a locally accessible source of recycled aggregates, further helping to reduce transport costs and the impacts on the environment.

ECORR produces nominal particle size recycled aggregates of 10mm, 20mm, 30mm, 30/40mm and 40/70mm comprising of concrete and brick with minimal fines. Recycled Aggregates are suitable for drainage medium, pipe bedding, retaining wall drainage, backfill, filter material, coarse fill and site access driveways.

ECORR is committed to providing environmentally sustainable solutions that enable the recovery and reuse of materials. This transparent and independently verified EPD allows the represented products to contribute points to sustainable building and infrastructure rating tools. It also provides ECORR a performance baseline for continuous environmental improvement of our products to reduce the impact on carbon emissions and waste production.

Detailed Information

Products:Recycled Aggregate
Registration No:EPD-IES-10944:001
Registration date:2024-05-24
Version date:2024-05-24
Valid until:2029-05-24
Version Number:1
Verified by:Angela Schindler, Umweltberatung
Reference PCR(s):PCR 2019:14 Construction Products version 1.3.4
Geographical scope:Australia
EN 15804:This EPD is compliant with EN 15804

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