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Cement Australia – Gladstone Fly Ash Blend

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Cement Australia – Gladstone Fly Ash Blend

Cement Australia is the largest integrated cement manufacturer and distributor in Australia and is owned by controlled entities, Holcim Group Ltd (Switzerland) and Heidelberg Cement AG (Germany) in the proportions of 50% and 50% respectively.

The scope of our operations extends across the Eastern Seaboard and takes into account markets in Southern and Western Australia. Our operations range from the mining of raw materials to the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of a diverse range of high performance cements and cement related products. With plants in Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania,

Cement Australia has a production capacity of over 3 million tonnes annually. Our products meet required Australian Standards, and have been tested to withstand Australian climate conditions.
Cement Australia’s strategic intent is to Delight Customers, Deliver Results and it is achieved through our SCOPE platform:
• Safety – a safe, healthy, productive and sustainable business
• Customer – innovative, professional supplier
• Operational – effective and efficient, flexing to market demand
• Performance – commercially focused, results driven
• Engagement – accountable, aligned and rewarded for results.
The intent of this EPD is to provide our customers life cycle inventory information so they can make an informed product choice.

Detailed Information

Company:Cement Australia
Products:Gladstone Fly Ash Blend
Registration No:S-P-07451
Registration date:2023-03-30
Version date:2023-04-24
Valid until:2028-03-30
Verified by:Jonas Bengtsson, Edge Impact
Reference PCR(s):PCR 2019:14, Cement and Building Lime, Version 2022-05-18
Geographical scope:Australia
EN 15804:This EPD is compliant with EN 15804+A2


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