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Austral Masonry – GB Masonry Range

Austral Masonry is a subsidiary of Brickworks Building Product which manufactures a collection of coloured and grey masonry blocks, pavers, concrete sleepers and retaining wall blocks used in residential and commercial construction. By adding oxides and coloured sands to our mix of raw materials, we produce products with contemporary colours, textures and appeal. The business has manufacturing operations in Queensland, New South Wales, and Perth with staffed sales offices in all states (not in Northern Territory).

For this EPD, Austral Masonry has chosen the GB Masonry coloured masonry block collection. Made at our Gympie production facility and available from Brickworks locations across the country, GB Masonry products are made with outstanding attention to detail and craftsmanship which has set a new standard in style for the humble concrete block.

Detailed information

Company:Austral Masonry
Products:GB Masonry Range
Registration No:S-P-05476 Version 1.2
Registration date:2022-02-28
Version date:2022-12-09
Valid until:2027-02-28
Verified by:Jonas Bengtsson, Edge Environment
Reference PCR(s):PCR 2012:01 Construction Products and Construction Services, Version 2.33, 2020-09-18

PCR 2012:01-SUB-PCR-G Concrete and concrete elements, Version 2.31, 2020-09-18

Geographical scope:Australia
EN 15804:This EPD is compliant with EN 15804


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