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Congratulations to all our EPD Owners

We now have a record 81 organisations that have chosen to register their EPDs with EPD Australasia and within the International EPD System. Some of these organisations are very big, some relatively small, but all are mighty transparent about the environmental impact of their products.

Our Australasian participants are part of over 400 organisations from 50 countries with over 3000 EPDs registered within the International EPD System.

Latest News

Welcome Bureau Veritas as an accredited EPD process certifier

We welcome Bureau Veritas Australia & New Zealand as an accredited provider of EPD process certification for the EPD Australasia Programme. The market...

EPDs published September – October 2023

It has been a busy September and October with our Programme publishing EPDs for new members, Geo40, Xypex Australia, and OmniGrip Direct. We...

Have your say on default product emission factors for the NABERS Embodied Carbon tool

We recently attended an excellent information online session run by NABERS and thinkstep-anz about developing default mission factors for building products and materials....

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