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Merino Wool Athleisure Knit Fabric First Layer

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Merino Wool Athleisure Knit Fabric First Layer

The history of Reda begins in 1865 and is intertwined with that of the Botto Poala family, which has guided the company in the production of exceptional Merino wool textiles since 1919. Sustainable innovation, passion for excellence and a deeply-rooted Made in Italy tradition are the values that drive Reda in the manufacturing of exceptional-quality Merino wool textiles. Reda’s passion for wool, quality and sustainability has seen the business establish a vertical value chain, owning sheep stations in New Zealand, and mills for all stages of the value chain in Biella, Italy.

Reda is a long term partner of the New Zealand Merino Company and the ZQ Merino programme. The New Zealand Merino Company and Reda together have established LCAs and the associated EPDs for Woven and Knitted fabrics to provide consumer confidence in the integrity of Reda fabrics and ZQ Merino wool.

The functional unit expressed in the EPDs relates to 1 square meter of fabric. Further work is being undertaken to continue the EPD methodology through the garment manufacture, use and disposal phases of the lifecycle.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Dave Maslen (dave.maslen@nzmerino.co.nz) or Francesco Botto Poala (francescobotto@reda.it).



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Company: Successori REDA S.p.A.
Products: Merino Wool Athleisure Knit Fabric First Layer
Registration No: S-P-01164
Registration date: 2019-04-12
Valid until: 2024-04-12
Verified by: Kimberly Robertson
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Geographical scope: Production Scope: New Zealand      Application Scope: Global

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