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EcoSure® GP cement and EcoFast® HE cement

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Included Products In The EPD

  • EcoSure® General Purpose (GP) Cement
  • EcoFast® High Early Strength (HE) Cement

EcoSure® GP cement and EcoFast® HE cement

The EPD has reached the end of its validity, please check back here for future updates.

As New Zealand’s largest and only fully integrated cement manufacturer, Golden Bay is committed to a long term and sustainable NZ manufacturing position.  The Plant, located on the southern shore of the Whangarei Harbour in Northland, is a contemporary world class cement production facility, with a very long successful innovative history.  The Portland Plant recently celebrated a century of cement production at the present site.  Sustainability underpins everything we do at Golden Bay, as we lead the industry in pioneering sustainable and ethical practices with minimal impact on the environment.

This EPD covers two cement products manufactured at the Portland Site:
1. EcoSure® General Purpose (GP) Cement
2. EcoFast® High Early Strength (HE) Cement

This is a ‘cradle-to-gate’ EPD covering modules A1 to A3 from European Standard EN 15804. The declared unit is one tonne of cement, ready for distribution from Portland, Whangarei.

Detailed information

Company:Golden Bay
Products:EcoSure® GP cement and EcoFast®
HE cement
Registration No:S-P-01170
Registration date:2019-05-12
Version date:2023-06-12
Valid until:2024-05-11
Verified by:Dr Hudai Kara
Reference PCR(s):PCR 2012:01 Construction products and construction services (EN 15804:A1)
Geographical scope:Global
EN 15804:This EPD is compliant with EN 15804


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