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Controlled Environment Panels

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Included Products In The EPD

  • KS1100 CS – 50mm thick, R2.65, 10.6 kg/m2
  • KS1100 CS – 75mm thick, R3.90, 11.6 kg/m2
  • KS1100 CS –100mm thick, R5.15, 12.6 kg/m2
  • KS1100 CS – 125mm thick, R6.40, 13.6 kg/m2
  • KS1100 CS – 150mm thick, R7.65, 14.6 kg/m2
  • KS1100 CS – 200mm thick, R10.15, 16.6 kg/m2

Controlled Environment Panels

Please note this EPD has reached the end of its validity. An update is currently underway.

Kingspan’s controlled environment insulated wall and ceiling panel systems (KS1100 CS) provide a world leading firesafe, fibre-free and hygienic building solution for use within temperature controlled and hygiene safe environments.

Kingspan controlled environment panels have an increased cover width compared to industry standard covering systems, which provides benefits of reduced laps, fixings and structure along with potential cost savings, and reduced installation time.

The panels consist of an exterior steel face and an internal steel liner sheet surrounding a high performing insulant core. These panel systems are suitable for wall and ceiling applications, are available in a range of hygiene safe coatings, and are fully Factory Mutual (FM) Approved as an insurance company preferred system.

Kingspan controlled environment panel solutions are suitable for a wide range of applications including clean rooms, food processing, cold / chill stores, freezers, and agriculture / livestock.

The declared unit is 1m2 of panel with a specific thermal resistance (R-value).

Detailed Information

Company: Kingspan Insulated Panels
Products: Controlled Environment Panels
Registration No: S-P-00845
Registration date: 2016-05-13
Valid until: 2021-05-03
Verified by: Jane Andersson
Reference PCR(s): Insulation materials (valid until 2018-07-02; to be replaced by sub-PCR)
Geographical scope: Australia New Zealand South East Asia
EN 15804: This EPD is compliant with EN 15804


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