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ARTICLE: Declarations reinforce OneSteel’s Sustainable Strategy

Originally published in Steel Australia (March 2017). Republished with kind permission of the Australian Steel Institute. OneSteel has proven its commitment to sustainability by becoming the first Australian manufacturer of steel long products to release Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). OneSteel has released... Read more

PROFILE: Jeff Vickers – Latest Approved EPD Verifier

Jeff Vickers from thinkstep in New Zealand is the latest to become an approved EPD verifier.  Jeff started working in Life Cycle Assessment a decade ago, and first became involved with EPDs about 6 years ago while working in the... Read more

Update to the General Programme Instructions (GPIs)

Update to the General Programme Instructions (GPIs) – The Australasian EPD Programme Ltd has just issued a new document, the Instructions of the Australasian EPD Programme – a Regional Annex to the General Programme Instructions. (2018) Version 3.0 Published 9.18.2018.... Read more

Case Study: David Trubridge goes the extra mile with EPD

David Trubridge Ltd is a company driven by strong environmental responsibility which informs all aspects of its design and production. The company is dedicated to environmentally responsible manufacturing and their EPD didn’t signal a change of direction; it was just... Read more

Achieving a competitive advantage with Environmental Product Declarations

Proactive companies that want to transparently report about their environmental footprint are increasingly publishing Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), both in Australasia and in overseas global markets. Download this brochure to learn why EPDs are the perfect tool to communicate environmental information.... Read more

PIPA’s long-term commitment to sustainability

The Plastics Industry Pipe Association of Australia (PIPA) is committed to ensuring the environmental impact of plastics pipeline systems exceed required life cycle standards and believes the Australasian Environmental EPD Programme can help it in this goal. According to PIPA’s... Read more

Case Study: Asaleo Care affirms market leadership with EPDs

Asaleo Care, producer of iconic personal hygiene brands Tork, Purex, Handee and Sorbent has published Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for handtowels and toilet tissue under the Australasian EPD® Programme. In a new case study, Asaleo Care sustainability manager Jane Mansfield... Read more

Australasian EPDs recognized by ISCA Infrastructure Rating scheme

EPDs are now recognized in the latest release of the IS rating scheme from the ISCA. An important distinction is that the ISCA requires EPDs to be verified to be compliant with both ISO 14025 and EN 15804 standards. Find... Read more

Kingspan EPD Case Study

Kingspan recently published four EPDs for their Insulated Panel products. We spoke to Dr. Mark Tatum, Technical Manager to understand the motivation for developing their EPDs and why they decided to register their EPDs with the Australasian EPD Programme. “We... Read more

Workshop: Creating Business Value through LCA and EPDs

Be part of an interactive workshop with Autex, Downer, Tork and LCANZ and find out how you can get most value out of your existing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies. Get first hand expert insight on how to master the... Read more

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