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EPD Updates: Maintaining Credibility

Updates are an important part of the credibility of EPD data. An update may be mandatory or voluntary.

Mandatory updates are triggered by the end of the validity date, if a process has changed and significantly adversely affected their environmental footprint, or to correct errors. All construction product EPDs are valid for 5 years from their date of registration. EPDs for other product categories may have shorter validity periods.

Voluntary updates are made if say an EPD owner wants it to comply with updated standards earlier than the cut-off date. This may be to provide data compliant with EN15804+A2 before the end of the transition period or provide data on additional life cycle stages). Another reason to update earlier is to report a significant improvement in their environmental footprint.

Showing Their Commitment!

We welcome the commitment of EPD owners Adobe Wood, BlueScope, Holcim and Innowood to the update process. We know many more EPD owners are currently working on updates.

  • Adobe Wood’s updated EPD for Vulcan Thermally Modified Radiata Pine is available here.
  • BlueScope’s updated EPD for COLORBOND® steel for roofing and walling is available here.
  • The updated Holcim ViroDecs™ Aggregates EPD is available here.
  • Innowood’s updated EPD for their composite timber products is available here.

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