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Construction product EPDs continue to grow

Almost 130,000 EPDs for construction products worldwide

The latest data collated by Jane Anderson of ConstructionLCA shows over 16,000 construction product

EPDs verified to EN 15804 have been registered globally up to the end of December 2022.

With nearly 90,000 EPDs verified to ISO 21930 and over 25,000 EN 15804 EPDs from verified EPD tools, there are likely almost 130,000 EPDs for construction products globally.

The majority of EPDs worldwide are published are for concrete mixes.

In Australasia, we have 149 construction product EPDs registered by 66 companies. These are part of the 2,945 construction-product EPDs registered within the International EPD System.

Several dramatic infographics and much more detailed global data are available on Jane’s site on Infogram here: https://bit.ly/2023-EPD (https://infogram.com/constructionlcas-2023-guide-to-epd-1h0n25yvdgz7l6p?live)

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