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17 New and 8 Updated EPDs published

Boom times as Australian and New Zealand businesses have developed 17 new and updated 8 EPDs in the previous couple of months.

New EPD owners

We welcome Adbri, Marley New Zealand and RX Plastics as the latest members of the EPD Australasia community, with the publication of their first EPDs.

Adbri – through Adelaide Brighton Cement, Cockburn Cement, Northern Cement and Morgan Cement – manufacture and supply a wide range of cementitious products to service key industries in Australia including construction, infrastructure, energy, mining, and agriculture. Their new EPD, the first of many, can be found here.

Marley New Zealand and Aliaxis are passionate about creating sustainable innovative solutions for water and energy. Their two EPDs cover a range of PE and PVC pipes (pressure and non-pressure) as well as PVC Pipes, Gutters and Downpipes.

For over 45 years, RXP Plastics Ltd has manufactured and distributed a wide range of PVC and Polyethylene (PE) products for New Zealand and global rural markets. Their two EPDs cover a range of PVC and PE pipes (pressure and non-pressure) for a large variety of building, infrastructure, telecommunications, and land drainage applications.

Current EPD Owners – new and updated EPDs

Hanson have prepared multiple EPDs for EcoDocs™ concrete mixes used in projects in Warnambool, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, and Sydney.

Holcim Australia continued their provision of project-specific, on-demand EPDs for their customers, with the publication of two EPDs covering their ViroDecs™ Ready-Mix concrete from the ECOPact range produced in Darling Downs and Sunshine Coast.

Hymix published an EPD for concrete mix used in Lendlease’s OSK R3 Tower in Sydney.

Kingspan Insulated Panels is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance insulated panel building envelopes with a mission to accelerate a net zero emissions future with the wellbeing of people & planet at heart. They have renewed four EPDs and developed four more covering insulated panels manufactured out of Kingspan’s St. Marys NSW manufacturing facility for roofing, walling, façades, and cold store applications.

Vinidex have also updated four EPDs for PVC Pressure Pipes, Polyethylene Pipes, StormPRO® Polypropylene Pipes, and PVC Non-Pressure Pipes and Conduits used in buildings. Renewing EPDs after five years, a requirement of the Programme for all construction products, tells us that EPDs continue to add value, and that is extremely rewarding for the team here at EPD Australasia.

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