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EcoPlatform and EPD Quality Management

You may notice that all building & construction product EPDs registered with EPD Australasia carry the EcoPlatform logo. EcoPlatform is an umbrella organization for EPD Programme Operators that register EN15804 compliant EPDs for construction products.

The EcoPlatform logo can only be carried by EPDs registered with Established EPD Programme Operators who are subject to EcoPlatform’s quality management process.

The International EPD System (and EPD Australasia) is one of the Established EPD Programme Operators and subject to this rigorous quality management process. You can find out more about the process here: https://www.eco-platform.org/audits-quality-management.html

There are lots of other Established EPD Programme Operators members, mainly European based. Find out more here https://www.eco-platform.org/the-eco-epd-programs.html

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