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Philippa Stone: Meet the new EPD Australasia Director

Philippa (Pip) Stone, Sustainability Manager at BlueScope, has made sustainability the focus of her 13-year career. Pip’s first sustainability role was with global construction specialist ISG, based in London. During her 12 years with ISG she rose to Group Director – Sustainable Business, leading on sustainability strategy. On her return to Australia in 2019, seeking a new challenge, she took up a key sustainability role with steel giant BlueScope.

EPD Australasia is delighted to have Pip join the Board of Directors. Her international corporate sustainability experience will add to an already deep mine of environmental expertise. We spoke to Pip about her own sustainability experience and the role of EPDs now and in the future.

1/  How did you first become involved in sustainability?

I grew up in a house which backed onto bushland and spent many school holidays either camping or at the beach, so from a young age I had an appreciation for the natural world. At uni I studied subjects in both arts and science which created an excellent foundation for a career in sustainability, a job which demands a broad skillset. I landed my first sustainability role when I was on a ‘gap year’ of sorts in London. To fund my European travels, I was temping for a construction company, and noted customers were beginning to ask what we were doing around sustainability. Spotting an opportunity which aligned with my interests, I approached senior management to create a new role focusing on sustainability. My gap ‘year’ quickly turned into 12, and a career in sustainability.

2/  What role do you see EPD’s playing in driving more sustainable business decisions?

There are a lot of sustainability-related claims made in the market and as a decision maker it can be hard to determine the facts. EPDs provide credible and transparent information, enabling informed decision making. They allow organisations to better understand their impacts, either directly or via their supply chains, and to drive change. As EPDs continue to gain traction, businesses will increasingly have access to verified, reliable information allowing them to make more sustainable decisions.

3/  What has been your experience with EPDs in your role as Sustainability Manager at BlueScope?

I joined BlueScope’s Australian operations in 2019 after returning from the UK. My role includes the development of BlueScope’s product sustainability credentials, including ecolabels. BlueScope was the first company to register an EPD under the program in Australia and continues to promote product transparency via EPDs.

4/  What do you predict will be the future of LCA and EPD’s in this region?

Long and prosperous! It’s clear there is a growing demand for EPDs and that stakeholders are wanting to make informed decisions based on credible information. I am looking forward to playing an active role in the continued success of the Program.

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