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Interview: Peter Golding, CEO, Galvanizers Association of Australia

Galvanizers Association of Australia (GAA) represents many of the leading galvanizing companies throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia. The GAA’s objectives are to provide the highest standards in design and quality of galvanized products and to assist consumers achieve the economics inherent in the correct design and application of galvanized products.

Last month GAA published an EPD that covers a range of steel products that are hot dip galvanized after fabrication by members. We spoke to CEO Peter Golding about the reasons for measuring the environmental footprint collectively, as an industry.

What prompted the decision by GAA and its members to invest in an EPD as an association, rather than as individual companies?

There were several reasons; the first being consistency of the response to the market regarding the environmental footprint – by aligning the EPD with the membership of the GAA we are able to provide whole of market solutions; the second being the wide range of products galvanized, from heavy structural steel fabrications to lighter weight tubular steel fabrications, means that a generic response from the industry was warranted; and obviously spreading the cost among the members was important

Do you have advice for other associations considering this collective approach?

Having a committed membership working together to trust the Association is critical – some of the data provided is sensitive and keeping it confidential is important. Developing a data collection model and testing it with some members is valuable for when the information is finally collected. Understanding how other associations have worked with their members is vital and we were able to levy off the work done in Europe and the USA to assist us in understanding a way forward.

How does GAA and its members plan to use the EPD in future?

For many projects, the EPD shows up the benefits of galvanizing steel through the increased durability and therefore reduced annual burden. This can help when looking at the ISCA and GBCA rating schemes. It also shows that, for some projects, steel may be more attractive than other materials when comparing on an environmental basis. We have developed an Advisory Note for use by our members and their customers that explains what an EPD is and how it can be used to provide evidence of the sustainability of hot dip galvanized products.

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