Registration and Publication

EPD registration is administered by the Australasian Secretariat.

For global and local market visibility Australasian EPDs are published in the global EPD library at The EPD library can also be searched via

To register new EPDs, please send the following documents to the secretariat:

Upon registration, the applicant will receive a formal confirmation and the EPD® will be published on the Internet.The Secretariat will contact you if any documentation is unclear or missing. 

Cost and Fees

There is a fee structure connected to the registration and publication of approved EPDs within the framework of the Australasian EPD® Programme and the aligned International EPD® System including a registration fee (as a one-off cost) and an annual fee. The fees are intended to cover the costs for managing the Australasian EPD® Programme, including the global marketing of organisations having EPD®s. The fees also cover the costs for the Secretariat.

Please note: For New Zealand based clients, addtional GST applies on all fees below.

For Australian based clients, GST is not applicable. (The Australasian EPD Programme is a New Zealand registered company)  

Registration fee

The registration fee is a single payment, with lower prices per EPD if many documents are registered at the same time. 

Optional Climate Declarations

The creation of Climate Declarations based on each EPD costs an additional NZD150 or AUD130 per Climate Declaration, to cover administration costs.

Number of EPDs registered at the same time

New Zealand
Total Price

(NZ$) ex. GST

New Zealand
corresponding price per EPD

(NZ$) Ex. GST.

Total Price

(AU$) NET GST tax

corresponding price per EPD


2 5,2002,6004,855 2,428
3 6,6002,2006,160 2,053
4 7,2001,8006,7201,680
5 8,6001,7208,0301,606
6 9,8401,6409,1851,531
7 10,9201,56010,195 1,456
8 11,8401,48011,055 1,382
9 12,6001,40011,765 1,3.07
≥101,320 per EPD®1,3201,230 per EPD® 1,230

Annual fee

The annual fee is to be paid per organisation, and covers all EPDs registered by that organisation. The size of the organisation should be provided in the registration form of the EPD.

Number of employeesCompany Size

New Zealand
Price per year

(NZ$) ex.GST

Price per year


1-250Small and medium-sized (SME)1,7501,630
N/AAdditional business unit of large company1,7501,630
>250Large company4,0003,735
N/ATrade Association representing multiple companies4,0003,735