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EPD Registration Costs

The costs of preparing the LCA report, data collection, using an LCA consultant and verification are borne by the business preparing the EPD. The following details the registration costs payable to the Australasian EPD Programme.

EPD Registration
This fee is a one-off payment. The registration fee per EPD is reduced if multiple EPDs are registered at the same time – or within a six-month period.

  • 1 EPD NZD 3,000 or AUD 2,800
  • 2 EPD NZD 5,200 or AUD 4,855
  • 3 EPD NZD 6,600 or AUD 6,160
  • 4 EPD NZD 7,200 or AUD 6,720
  • 5 EPD NZD 8,600 or AUD 8,030
  • 6 or more EPDs – contact the Secretariat

Company Registration
A company registration and membership fee is payable annually from the time the first EPD is registered. This fee varies depending on the number of employees and type of organisation.

a) Small or medium-size business: Enterprises employing fewer than 250 persons: NZD 1,750 or AUD 1,630

b) Large business: Enterprises employing more than 250 persons: NZD 4,000 or AUD 3,735

c) Business unit: Enterprises which are units of a large business (the large business must be a member): NZD 1,750 or AUD 1,630

d) Trade association: Any association or incorporated body representing multiple businesses: NZD 4,000 or AUD 3,735

These fees exclude GST for New Zealand based businesses. GST is not applicable for Australian based registrants.

Subject to change
All fees and charges are subject to change without notice.

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