Creating an EPD in the Australasian EPD Programme

Creating an Environmental Product Declaration in the Australasian EPD® Programme includes the following steps, closely aligned to the process of the International EPD® System:

  1. Find or create relevant PCR for the product category
  2. Perform LCA study based on the PCR
  3. Compile EPD Report
  4. Verification and Certification
  5. Registration and Publication

Detailed information about how to create an EPD is defined in the document: ‘General Programme Instructions of the Australasian EPD Programme’, this document is closely aligned to the ‘General Programme Instructions for the International EPD System’

Read more about General Programme Instructions 

An EPD® is normally valid for three or five years after which the declaration must necessarily be revised and reissued. Read more about EPD® validity here.

The International EPD System maintains a list of currently registered LCA consultants who specialise in carrying out LCA assessments and preparing EPDs, this list can be found here